The coming of the year 2020 has brought forward irreversible changes in cyberspace. Thanks to the public health emergency, digitization has massively increased and the internet has become new lifeline of people across the world. The coming of pandemic has had an impact upon cyber legal approaches and perspectives.

Different countries have focused on adopting diverse legal approaches and strategies, which have been, in their own manner, contributing to the evolving Cyberlaw jurisprudence in 2020.

This book examined the evolving developments of Cyberlaw jurisprudence in 2020. This book further analyzes how the advent of pandemic has necessitated countries to change their existing strategies so as to deal with legal challenges thrown up by the public health emergency. This book examines the holistic important global developments in Cyberlaw jurisprudence in 2020 during the era of the pandemic.

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The year 2020 has seen dramatic developments in the history of the world. A public health emergency, which began in one part of the world, has today engulfed the entire world. The said public health emergency has become so huge that it has instilled massive fear and panic amongst the hearts of all citizens and stakeholders. Countries have experienced lockdowns, economies has come to a grinding halt and jobs are being lost with each passing day.

During the public health emergency period of 2020, there has been a massive increase in cybersecurity breaches all over the world. These increasing cybersecurity breaches have compelled different stakeholders to come up with their own national cybersecurity legal frameworks and approaches, to deal with emerging challenges of cybersecurity breaches.

This book seeks to examine the evolving growth and further development of cybersecurity law jurisprudence in 2020, the year of the public health emergency.

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