Encryption as a subject has always intrigued both technologists and policy-makers. While encryption provides a distinctive new level of security and also guarantees privacy, at the same time it presents a grey zone as far as policymaking is concerned. Lot of sovereign governments increasingly believe the common prevalent reality that encryption in today’s scenario is not only being used for legitimate purposes but is also being used for committing various crimes and for criminal activities and purposes. In this context, different countries have sought to come up with their own distinctive legislations to govern different aspects of encryption.

This Book seeks to unravel and analyze some of the key salient parameters and features of Australian new law on encryption. It not only seeks to understand the various objectives and goals of the legislation but also seeks to analyze the positives and challenges thrown up by the said legislation. The said legislation has increasingly been met with a lot of opposition from various corporate players who view this legislation as an increasing outreach by the Government on corporate affairs.

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