As Artificial Intelligence gains more attraction, the scenario of its misuse for cybercrime purposes is increasingly becoming an issue of important concern. Initially, it was thought that Artificial Intelligence ecosystem would be secured but with the new trends and developments emerging, it is apparent that Artificial Intelligence enabled cybercrime is going to be massive in the coming times.

Already at the time of writing, an Artificial Intelligence program has developed malware which is a highly sophisticated and it promises to immensely and detrimentally impact computer systems. At the time of writing the concept of Artificial Intelligence cybercrime is indeed very nascent. Most of the Artificial Intelligence stakeholders are not even alive to the fact that how the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem could be misused for cybercrime purposes.

This book seeks to look at some of the important legal, policy and regulatory issues in the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and cybercrime and how legal frameworks need to evolve in this direction. This book also seeks to identify some of the practical challenges that are likely to come before stakeholders in the detection, investigation and prosecution of Artificial Intelligence cybercrimes. Further, the applicability of traditional legal concepts of criminal law jurisprudence to Artificial Intelligence crimes begins to throw up new challenges.

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