Cyber Sovereignty & Cyberlaw

Cyberspace has brought across distinctly new fertile areas for the potential growth of new concepts. One of the new concepts that we are beginning to hear lately is the concept of cyber sovereignty. At a first look, the entire concept of cyber sovereignty has various connotations. We all thought that cyberspace created a boundary-less medium and that being so, it was a common heritage for humanity as a whole. Hence, any talk of sovereignty in cyberspace itself runs contra to the concept of cyberspace. However, as countries have woken up to the significance and impact of cyberspace, they are now increasingly propagating and expanding the scope of the new legal concept known as cyber sovereignty.

This Book has been written at a very early stage of development concerning cyber sovereignty. I hope it could be a starting point for the evolution of discussion and debate about the evolving jurisprudence concerning cyber sovereignty. This book should be of value to not just lawyers, legal professionals, lawyers, judges, academicians, nation states, governments but also other stakeholders, who are concerned with how practically the concept of cyber sovereignty is beginning to evolve and is likely to sustain and consolidate in the coming times.