This eBook seeks to identify the key cyberlaw approaches that need to be adopted by African Nations as they go forward to prepare for the next big role of Africa in the global affairs.

Africa is a land of massive potential and opportunity. Africa is like a continent that’s waiting to exploit its true potential. The next big wave of growth is expected to be in Africa. For the purposes of preparing the African continent for the next big trend of growth in the digital ecosystem, it is imperative that African Nations must come up with appropriate strong cyberlaw frameworks which can effectively help in not just creation of adequate and effective legal frameworks concerning the digital ecosystem, but which can further help prepare African Nations for facing the new challenges of the digital era.

This book seeks to give a broad idea of what should be the thrust areas and principles that need to be kept in mind by African Nations as they get geared up for dealing with challenges pertaining to the newly emerging technologies digital ecosystem.

This book would be of value to all students of cyberlaw jurisprudence in Africa as also African Policy Makers, Government Officials, Parliamentarians, Law Professors, Researchers, and Academicians who are interested in how cyberlaw frameworks in Africa need to be developed.

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