Big Data & Cyberlaw- A Basic Primer

Big Data & Cyberlaw- A Basic Primer

Big data is a term that we are increasingly hearing these days. In fact, big data has already started impacting the mainstream operations of our daily lives, without us even realising the same. Companies and legal entities are increasingly relying upon big data, not just for the purposes of making intelligent decisions but also for the purposes of predicting consumer behaviour and evolving future appropriate strategies to further business interests. In this context, while big data is continuing to grow, there are a variety of legal, policy and regulatory issues concerning big data which have already emerged. These issues are critical as they are intrinsically linked with the kind of data that is collected on the big data sets and big databases. These issues have been addressed to some extent in various national legislations. Further, various international best practices have been evolved and adopted by the big data stakeholders.

This eBook aims to look at the existing important jurisprudential issues impacting big data in today’s times. It looks at important legalities and policy nuances impacting..

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