Text Book Cyberlaw 2nd Edition


Text Book Cyberlaw 2nd Edition

There is no running away from one broad principle that is emerging in today’s life- every person is getting connecting on to the digital bandwagon and hence the discipline of Cyberlaw is of increasing significance for all stakeholders.   As such, knowing about the Cyberlaw is becoming increasing important necessity for all entities who are connecting on to the digital ecosystem.

No wonder given the increasing significance and importance of Cyberlaw as a subject, Cyberlaw is being made an integral part of college curriculum in various courses.

When I wrote the Text Book on Cyberlaw couple of years back, I had not envisaged the kind of response that such a Text Book could generate.  Due to the fast pace changes happening in the Cyberlaw jurisprudence, I felt the need for revising the Text Book on Cyberlaw and keeping it updated. For More about the book Click Here