Anti-Terrorism Law – Approach In China


Anti-Terrorism Law – Approach In China

China as a nation is extremely significant at the world stage. The huge size of the population and the immense economic opportunities that abound in China, make it a nation whose policies are closely watched by the international community.

China has adopted strategies that are different from other countries and has shown to the world how it enforces its legislations to meet up with its desired objectives.

Recently, China has passed a new law on countering terrorism. The said law comes into effect from 1st of January 2016. The said legislation is extremely significant inasmuch as it extensively and elaborately covers all aspects pertaining to terrorists, terrorism activities and strategies aimed at combating terrorism, both in the physical world as also in cyberspace. The said law has come up with various rights, duties and obligations of various stakeholders and has elaborated a distinct code for the Chinese nation, as it goes about dealing with the challenges raised by terrorism.

This eBook examines the salient features of the new Anti-Terrorism legislation enacted by China, the significance of its various provisions, the importance, ambit and scope of coverage of the said legislation, the benefits and the potential drawbacks/grey areas of the legislation and other concerns raised by various stakeholders.

This eBook examines the legislation from an objective viewpoint and seeks to cover…, For More about the book Click Here