Cyber Radicalization & Cyberlaw

Cyber Radicalization & Cyberlaw

Cyber radicalization is one of the emerging problems being faced by sovereign nations today. Earlier, we have seen the misuse of the Internet for cybercrime activities and for criminal purposes. Of late, the use of the Internet to promote, propogate and implement radicalized thought processes is constantly increasing. Consequently, cyber radicalization is already beginning to emerge as a potential threat to the sovereign security and integrity of sovereign nations.

The advent of cyber radicalization has brought to the forefront, various complicated legal, policy and regulatory issues which need to be addressed through cyber legal regimes across the world. The absence of any international agreement concerning cyber radicalization and the divergent national approaches in Cyberlaw has further complicated the entire scenario. Cyberlaw as a discipline needs to tremendously grow in order to address the emerging challenges brought forward by cyber radicalization.

This eBook aims to examine some of the important legal, policy and regulatory challenges and issues that have arisen with the advent of cyber radicalization and which need to be effectively addressed by Cyberlaw as a discipline.

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