Wearable Tech & Law

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 Wearable Tech & Law

Ever since the advent of computing, humans are increasingly getting dependent on computing. The advancement of technology has now allowed computing to be worn on the human body. Consequently wearable technologies have emerged as a very exciting manifestation of usage of this. Wearable technologies allow persons to wear different devices for enhancing productivity, efficiency and control.

However, the advent of the wearable technologies has brought forward various complicated legal and policy issues. In fact, given that wearable technologies are still at the nascent stage of their development, emerging legal and policy issues pertaining to wearable technologies are also beginning to emerge and develop.

This eBook aims to examine the significant legal, policy and regulatory issues that impact use of wearable technologies and wearable devices by users. A number of these legal issues are likely to further evolve with the passage of time.

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