TRIPs & Intellectual Property Rights In India

TRIPS and IPRs in India


TRIPs & Intellectual Property Rights In India

India has undergone a remarkable journey ever since its independence in the direction of protecting Intellectual Property Rights. India enacted its own legislations for protecting copyrights, trademark and patents. The coming of the TRIPs agreement internationally changed the entire landscape.

This eBook seeks to appreciate and analyze the salient features and benefits of the TRIPs agreement and the challenges behind implementation of the same. This eBook further seeks to examine the entire impact of the TRIPs agreement impacting intellectual property in cyberspace and also in the specific context of India. It also seeks to examine the existing prevailing law in India pertaining to protection of intellectual property rights.

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Exploring Intellectual Property Rights In Cyberspace

Exploring IPR  in Cyberspace

Exploring Intellectual Property Rights In Cyberspace

Cyberspace has made geography history. However, the coming of the borderless medium has brought forward the need for protection and preservation of intellectual property rights in cyberspace. In that context, the concept of property in cyberspace has to be redefined. This eBook aims to explore the landscape of intellectual property rights in cyberspace.

This eBook aims to examine the concept of property in cyberspace which is dealt in different jurisdictions. It seeks to explore the ways and methodologies to protect the intellectual property rights in cyberspace and seeks to examine the international treaties impacting intellectual property rights and protection in cyberspace. It also seeks to deal with contentious issues pertaining to copyright & other proprietary rights protection in cyberspace and thereafter seeks to examine two significant Conventions in the intellectual property rights , being the Berne Convention and the WIPO Copyright Convention.

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Internet Of Things & Law

Internet of Things


Internet Of Things & Law

With the advent of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), a new paradigm has emerged. This new paradigm is the Internet of Things which allows not just computer resources or communication devices but also all kinds of devices to get connected to the network. Internet of Things is projected to be the big network in the coming few years. Lot of technology advancement work is going on, to make Internet of Things far more robust. However, the Internet of Things itself brings across various complicated legal, policy and regulatory issues and challenges. On the other hand ‘Internet of things’ is now soft target for hackers. Despite the fact that these are still early days in the history of the Internet of Things, the legal policy issues thrown up by the Internet of Things have assume serious significance.

This eBook will look at the legal, policy and regulatory issues and aspects impacting the Internet of Things. Right from security and privacy, this eBook will look at other important issues including data protection and data ownership that are beginning to throw up pricking questions. At the time of writing, this eBook encapsulates a majority of important legal, policy and regulatory aspects impacting the Internet of Things that have either emerged or are beginning to emerge. Given the intrinsic new paradigm of the Internet of Things, it is but natural to expect that the jurisprudence on Internet of Things will continue to grow with the passage of time.

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Whatsapp Law

Whatsapp Law

Whatsapp Law

Today is the age of mobile applications. Various mobile applications of different nature and character are being used by mobile users across the world. One of the most important and popular mobile application is WhatsApp messenger. The advent and the increase growth of WhatsApp messenger has shown not just the popularity of the mobile app but has also given rise to various legal policy and regulatory issues pertaining to use of WhatsApp. A lot of people use WhatsApp in a for granted manner, without understanding the legal ramifications of the use of WhatsApp. However the increase usage of WhatsApp, in different parts of the world, has given rise to various legal and policy considerations and issues which require further discussion as time passes by.

This eBook seeks to elaborate on the legal, policy and regulatory issues impacting WhatsApp at a global level. It also sensitizes about the emerging trends pertaining to evolution of WhatsApp jurisprudence and seeks to collate dos and don’ts that users need to keep in mind while using WhatsApp as a platform.

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