Social Media & Mobile Law – Some Emerging Challenges


Social Media & Mobile Law – Some Emerging Challenges

Today, mobile has been a game changer in our day-to-day lives. It has not only changed the way how we communicate with each other but more significantly has provided us the mobile platform for accessing social media, while being on the go. Consequently, various social media platforms and networks have consistently targeted mobile users. It is common knowledge that the mobile users of social media are constantly growing. It is therefore but natural to expect that social media platforms are now increasingly providing mobile applications for the purposes of accessing social media.

However, the access of social media through mobiles, communication devices and smart devices brings forward various legal, policy and regulatory issues. What are the challenges that await a person, when a person accesses social media through his mobile devices? What is the impact of the said mobile access to social media on one’s personal and data privacy as well as data protection? Similarly how is mobile security an important consideration while accessing social media through mobile devices? Cybercrimes and mobile crimes are constantly increasing. The newly emerging mobile adware(madware) and other kinds of newly emerging mobile crimes have further throw forward largely complicated issues pertaining to their detection, investigation and prosecution. The advent of wearable technologies and the Internet of Things has further complicated the entire scenario pertaining to accessing social media through mobile devices.

This eBook aims to examine the legal, policy and regulatory issues impacting Mobile Law and Social Media. It aims to highlight important considerations that need to engage the attention of lawmakers when they deal with the contentious issue of access to social media through mobile devices.

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