Outsourcing Contracts – Some Insights

Outsourcing Contract- Some Insights

Outsourcing Contracts – Some Insights

Today, outsourcing is one of the most popular concepts across the world for saving of costs and manpower. Outsourcing has resulted in emergence of new economic factors apart from increasing efficiency and productivity. Technology has allowed outsourcers to use outsourcing as a methodology for leveraging the low cost of human capital in different parts of the world to perform the same productive jobs. The crux of outsourcing lies in the outsourcing contracts.

In fact, the outsourcing contract is the Bible for the outsourcing relationship. Therefore, it is utmost necessity that the outsourcing contract must be documented in the proper format. It must have all the salient features and parameters which are essential for the purposes of sustaining a long-term outsourcing relationship. What are the important parameters that need to be part of an outsourcing contract? What are the essential components of an outsourcing contract? What kind of precautions need to be taken while documenting an outsourcing contract? What is an outsourcing service level agreement? How can outsourcing service level agreements be documented in a manner so as to accurately represent the intention of the parties? What kind of legalities need to be kept in mind while drafting the outsourcing service level agreement? These and variety of other questions are sought to be addressed by the present eBook.

More about the ebook is available here

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