Electronic Evidence Law In India- An Overview

E-Evidence law in India

Electronic Evidence Law In India- An Overview

We all depend on our electronic ecosystem. Not only do we depend on our computer resources and communication devices, we ar also reliant on the output of these devices. These computer output or electronic output are forming an integral part of our day-to-day lives. We are all increasingly using printouts as also all digital records of CD, DVD, Pen Drive, Multi Media Card, Mobile Secure Digital (SD) card and removable hard disks etc. In the context of the Indian Sub-Continent, we have suddenly a huge spurt in the adoption of mobiles, smart phones as also laptops. Consequently, we find that law pertaining to electronic evidence in India has also developed.

This eBook aims to look at the position of law in India concerning the electronic evidence. It seeks to highlight some of the important aspects of legal jurisprudence impacting electronic evidence and further seeks to capture some of the salient features of this newly evolving jurisprudence.

More about the ebook is available here

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