Electronic Commerce & Cyberlaw – Some Facets

Electronic Commerce & Cyber law – Some Facets

We are all living in the age of the Internet. It is only thanks to the Internet that electronic commerce as a phenomenon has come to become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. We would like to shop online and also would like to shop through mobile phones, as also laptops and smart devices. However, the advent of electronic commerce has brought forward the various legal issues which have been appropriately addressed in different jurisdictions in different manners.

This eBook seeks to examine some of the legal issues impacting electronic commerce. This eBook further looks at the legal issues pertaining to online contracts. The eBook also examines the impact of spamming on online commerce and how different legislations in different parts of the world are aiming to address spam. This eBook also examines the significance of disclaimers in terms of disclaiming the liability of legal entities.

More about the ebook is available here

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