Judicial And Practical Approaches To Electronic Evidence Law In India


Judicial And Practical Approaches To Electronic Evidence Law In India

Today life is so complicated; yet we take large number of things for granted. One of things that we take for granted is the electronic format. However, nothing can be farther than the truth. The fact remains that today electronic format is so flexible that it is possible to alter, change, manipulate electronic records, with utmost use. The same principle quickly applies in the context of electronic evidence including evidence in the form of computer output. This is also so because the said computer output could be manipulated very easily.

To prevent the abuse and misuse of electronic evidence, the law pertaining to electronic evidence in India has developed. This law has specified as to what kind of electronic evidence is admissible and how the same can be proved in a Court of law.

This eBook aims to look at the practical ways of how to identify the evidentiary value of electronic evidence. This eBook further seeks to examine judicial and practical perspectives pertaining to proof of electronic evidence. This eBook will also deal with how the courts of law deal with electronic evidence in India and how common day to day computer output can be produced and proved in the Court of law. This eBook aims to demonstrate the practical working of law pertaining to electronic evidence in India.

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Social Media & Mobile Law – Some Emerging Challenges


Social Media & Mobile Law – Some Emerging Challenges

Today, mobile has been a game changer in our day-to-day lives. It has not only changed the way how we communicate with each other but more significantly has provided us the mobile platform for accessing social media, while being on the go. Consequently, various social media platforms and networks have consistently targeted mobile users. It is common knowledge that the mobile users of social media are constantly growing. It is therefore but natural to expect that social media platforms are now increasingly providing mobile applications for the purposes of accessing social media.

However, the access of social media through mobiles, communication devices and smart devices brings forward various legal, policy and regulatory issues. What are the challenges that await a person, when a person accesses social media through his mobile devices? What is the impact of the said mobile access to social media on one’s personal and data privacy as well as data protection? Similarly how is mobile security an important consideration while accessing social media through mobile devices? Cybercrimes and mobile crimes are constantly increasing. The newly emerging mobile adware(madware) and other kinds of newly emerging mobile crimes have further throw forward largely complicated issues pertaining to their detection, investigation and prosecution. The advent of wearable technologies and the Internet of Things has further complicated the entire scenario pertaining to accessing social media through mobile devices.

This eBook aims to examine the legal, policy and regulatory issues impacting Mobile Law and Social Media. It aims to highlight important considerations that need to engage the attention of lawmakers when they deal with the contentious issue of access to social media through mobile devices.

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3D Printing And The Law


3D Printing And The Law

Humankind has seen various revolutions. The last big one was the Industrial Revolution. While we all are busy in our respective worlds, a silent revolution concerning social fabrication has already emerged over the last few years. 3D printing which began a few decades back in its early stages, is now getting more traction. The advances of technology have now enabled users to 3D print a variety of devices, components, items and things. 3D printing will become more and more prevalent as the costs for 3D printers go down.

The advent of 3D printing has brought forward various complicated legal and policy challenges concerning the same. What initially looked as a small aberration in terms of an added facility for manufacturing has now taken on the role of a disruptive technology in the form of 3D printing. 3D printing brings forward immense challenges to the existing international legal regimes pertaining to protection and preservation of intellectual property rights. Further with increased firearms and guns being 3D printed, the issues pertaining to regulating 3D printed firearms is getting increasingly significant. The advent of 3D has brought forward a variety of other complicated policy and regulatory challenges in this regard.

This eBook seeks to analyze and examine some of the important legal, policy issues impacting 3D printing. The eBook acknowledges the fact that these are early days yet and large number of legal and policy challenges and issues impacting 3D are only beginning to emerge and are likely to further consolidate with the passage of time.

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Whatsapp & Indian Cyberlaw

Whatsapp & Indian Cyberlaw

India is already undergoing a huge mobile revolution. The numbers of smartphones that are continuing to be sold in India are an indication of the growing dependence on smartphones by Indians. Consequently, Indians are using various mobile applications. WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile applications in India. Primarily because WhatsApp is free, it appeals to large number of Indian users who find the said platform very convenient for the purposes of communicating audio, video, image and text. However, the usage of WhatsApp has got distinct legal ramifications in India, thanks to the Indian Cyberlaw being in place.

This eBook seeks to analyze the legalities concerning use of WhatsApp in India. It examines interplay between the services offered by WhatsApp and the various provisions of the Indian Cyberlaw. It also highlights the use of WhatsApp for various cyber crimes and cyber terrorism purposes by various vested elements. Finally, it also seeks to examine other challenges pertaining to use of WhatsApp by various actors as the mobile messaging platform.

This eBook should be of tremendous value for any user of WhatsApp in India as also any other mobile or smartphone users in India who is warning to understand the legal ramifications of using mobile messaging applications like WhatsApp.

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Indian National Cyber Security Policy-A Legal Analysis

Indian National Cyber Security Policy

 Indian National Cyber Security Policy-A Legal Analysis

In today’s era, cyber security is becoming increasingly very significant. Cyber security is increasingly engaging the attention of the relevant lawmakers across the world and India is no exception.

India has come up with its own dedicated National Cyber Security Policy in 2013. This Policy elaborates about various aspects of India’s vision pertaining to cyber security and how it proposes to proceed forward in the direction of protection and preservation of cyber security in India.

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Electronic Evidence Law In India- An Overview

E-Evidence law in India

Electronic Evidence Law In India- An Overview

We all depend on our electronic ecosystem. Not only do we depend on our computer resources and communication devices, we ar also reliant on the output of these devices. These computer output or electronic output are forming an integral part of our day-to-day lives. We are all increasingly using printouts as also all digital records of CD, DVD, Pen Drive, Multi Media Card, Mobile Secure Digital (SD) card and removable hard disks etc. In the context of the Indian Sub-Continent, we have suddenly a huge spurt in the adoption of mobiles, smart phones as also laptops. Consequently, we find that law pertaining to electronic evidence in India has also developed.

This eBook aims to look at the position of law in India concerning the electronic evidence. It seeks to highlight some of the important aspects of legal jurisprudence impacting electronic evidence and further seeks to capture some of the salient features of this newly evolving jurisprudence.

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Electronic Commerce – Some Online Legalities

Electronic Commerce-Some Online Legalities


Electronic Commerce – Some Online Legalities

Being online is almost now a mandatory prerequisite in today’s world. In case, if you are not online, you are disconnected to the major force of electronic activity that is touching the world. Consequently it is but natural to expect that online presence becomes a defacto preferred medium of presence. However, the moment a legal entity has an online presence, it attracts various legalities. Each and every act that we do online has got legal ramifications.

This eBook aims to look at some online legalities concerning a legal entity and its online presence. These legalities also impact our activities using the computers, computer systems and computer networks.

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Electronic Commerce & Cyberlaw – Some Facets

Electronic Commerce & Cyber law – Some Facets

We are all living in the age of the Internet. It is only thanks to the Internet that electronic commerce as a phenomenon has come to become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. We would like to shop online and also would like to shop through mobile phones, as also laptops and smart devices. However, the advent of electronic commerce has brought forward the various legal issues which have been appropriately addressed in different jurisdictions in different manners.

This eBook seeks to examine some of the legal issues impacting electronic commerce. This eBook further looks at the legal issues pertaining to online contracts. The eBook also examines the impact of spamming on online commerce and how different legislations in different parts of the world are aiming to address spam. This eBook also examines the significance of disclaimers in terms of disclaiming the liability of legal entities.

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Outsourcing Contracts – Some Insights

Outsourcing Contract- Some Insights

Outsourcing Contracts – Some Insights

Today, outsourcing is one of the most popular concepts across the world for saving of costs and manpower. Outsourcing has resulted in emergence of new economic factors apart from increasing efficiency and productivity. Technology has allowed outsourcers to use outsourcing as a methodology for leveraging the low cost of human capital in different parts of the world to perform the same productive jobs. The crux of outsourcing lies in the outsourcing contracts.

In fact, the outsourcing contract is the Bible for the outsourcing relationship. Therefore, it is utmost necessity that the outsourcing contract must be documented in the proper format. It must have all the salient features and parameters which are essential for the purposes of sustaining a long-term outsourcing relationship. What are the important parameters that need to be part of an outsourcing contract? What are the essential components of an outsourcing contract? What kind of precautions need to be taken while documenting an outsourcing contract? What is an outsourcing service level agreement? How can outsourcing service level agreements be documented in a manner so as to accurately represent the intention of the parties? What kind of legalities need to be kept in mind while drafting the outsourcing service level agreement? These and variety of other questions are sought to be addressed by the present eBook.

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Cyberlaw, Free Speech & Privacy

Cyber law, Free Speech & Privacy

The advent of the cyberspace has not only made every person a global author but also a global publisher and global transmitter of data. Consequently, Internet has come miles ahead of its initial journey and avatar as a network for academicians. Internet today is the preferred platform for users across the world, not only for disseminating their thought processes, expressing their viewpoints and perspectives and also publishing information and data about themselves.

The activities in cyberspace bring forward the application of cyber legal regimes across the world. This eBook aims to look at some of the important issues impacting Cyberlaw, free speech and privacy.

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