Today, privacy is an extremely significant aspect of our lives. The modern day use of mobile and communication devices has a direct impact upon the protection and preservation of privacy. Lay users believe that they have an expectation of privacy when they use mobiles. However, that expectation is often not reflected in the real world. More and more governments of the world have been using the powers of interception, monitoring, decryption and blocking for the purposes of protecting their sovereign interests, thereby directly impacting, sometimes prejudicially, the privacy of mobile users. What is the existing legal position pertaining to protection of privacy, while using mobiles and cell phones? What are the important issues facing protection of mobile privacy today? What is the current stage of the development of law in this area? These are some of the important areas that the present book seeks to analyze.

This ebook” Mobile Privacy & Law” is the first of its kind in its specialized category and has explored various hitherto unexplored legal issues pertaining to the Privacy of users of mobiles, cell phones, smart phones, personal digital assistants and all other kinds of communication devices. The ebook examines the world wide legal position concerning the various ticklish legal issues impacting mobile privacy. This ebook covers a variety of issues around mobile legalities and includes detailed legal discussion inter alia on:-


Definition of Mobile Privacy

Definition of Mobile Law

Relevant national jurisdictions impacting Mobile Privacy and their customized approach to deal with various aspects pertaining to privacy and its preservation in the mobile ecosystem including the following:-



United States of America

European Union

United Kingdom





South Africa




Issues impacting Mobile Privacy

Important Case Laws impacting Mobile Privacy in various jurisdictions including:-



European Union


United Kingdom

This ebook further elaborates on the various legal challenges facing the ever important issue of privacy in the mobile ecosystem.

More about the e-book is available at


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