The last one decade has witnessed an exponential boom in the adoption of mobile devices. With each passing week, new kinds of mobile models are coming up and the adoption is getting increasingly more prevalent. The advent of smart phones and mobiles have ushered us in the era of mobile applications or mobile ppps. Today, more and more people are downloading mobile apps on their mobile phones.

In fact, the dependence on the mobile phones and various mobile apps has led to a phenomenon called the ‘Appification of Society’. ‘Appification of the society’ is a new concept which refers to the societal behaviors that concern or relates to mobile apps and their usage as also an individual’s dependence on these apps.

The eBook looks at the various legal, policy and regulatory issues concerning this phenomenon. Being the first of its kind in its genre, the book seeks to unravel the legal ramifications of appification of society and how appropriate regulatory and policy issues concerning appification of society have to be addressed and kept in mind by the relevant stakeholders as we move forward.

More about the book is available at

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