As we are walking towards a data economy, we have begun to understand the massive significance of data in our lives. Data is all around us and data also gets manifested in the form of digital assets. These are assets which are in the form of information in the electronic format and have certain valuable propositions.

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Today humans are already having new kinds of digital identities which are characterized as Digital Humans with human-like traits and qualities.

These are the new Digital Humans of today. Whether it is interacting with your avatars on the Metaverse, whether it is following virtual pop-stars or virtual influencers in cyberspace or whether it is following virtual characters in your favourite online game – these are various manifestations of different kinds of Digital Humans that are already part of our digital life.

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Edge Computing today represents a new level of processing of data and distributed computing topology. As more and more devices across the world are getting connected by Edge Computing, the entire issue of Edge Security becomes of crucial significance.

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The internet today represents an important element of our lives. However, the internet is constantly changing. Today’s Web 2.0 is going to be soon giving way to Web 3.0 .Web 3.0 is the new avatar of the internet which is going to act as a catalyst for lot of technological developments.

Web 3.0 is based on the blockchain technology and will be a significant element of the overall digital ecosystem in the coming times.

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The coming of the internet and our subsequent reliance on the same is a documented element of our modern day-to-day lives. However, on the horizon, is now coming a new paradigm known as Metaverse. Metaverse will be the new ecosystem where we will be interacting with other digital users through digital avatars.

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The world is increasingly moving on to the digital bandwagon. The digital format is now the default format.

With the coming of Covid-19 and reliance on the internet having increased manifold, the expectations of the customers vis-à-vis digital interactions with companies have also tremendously sky-rocketed.

In this regard, digital transformation as a paradigm has started acquiring more significance form the perspectives of all stakeholders. Companies were earlier dealing with the electronic format. However, very few companies were using technology as a means for transforming their businesses and also their customer experiences.

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We are living in data times today. There is data all around us. Further, we as human have transformed ourselves into data entities. We are generating data on a 24/7 basis.

Further, people are in data vomiting mode as they are constantly vomiting their personal, professional and also social data on all kinds of digital platforms. This data becomes the new oil of a new economy known as “Data Economy”.

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The internet appears to be an information paradise from one perspective. However, seen from another perspective, internet appears to be a serious battlefield for various state and non-state actors. Increasingly, cyber actors are using cyberspace for perpetuating various cyber attacks.

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The pandemic times are the times of unprecedented significance which throw up new distinctive challenges that have not been thrown up earlier.

The increasing reliance on cyberspace during the pandemic times in the third decade of the twenty first century, has thrown up unprecedented new cyber and ethical issues and challenges. As stakeholders increasingly turn on to cyberspace in the times of the public health emergency, they share their experiences, perspectives as also offer assistance, numerous cyber ethical questions come up for consideration. A number of these ethical questions have legalities connected therewith.

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Internet has been growing by leaps and bounds. We are familiar with the Internet of Things (IOT) where all kinds of smart devices are getting connected to the internet. But beyond the advent and emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), a new kind of internet is being postulated. This is known as the Internet of Behaviour.

This is a new paradigm which is substantially based on Internet of Things (IoT) but is specifically focused on analyzing the various data generated by data entities in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and substantially impacting user behaviours.

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